Terry Schiefer and Xin Gabrielle combine classic baroque, byzantine and rococo motives with edgy modern elements to create unique jewelry pieces that capture both the tough and the feminine facets of today’s woman.

The collection features opulent creations in bronze and silver with pearls and stones. Clashing and combining delicacy and power, these designs are sure to become family heirlooms.

Choosing not to categorize their art, Creative Director Terry Schiefer and Designer Xin Gabrielle form their creations from a multitude of inspirations. Drawing on life experience and visual, audio, and tactle stimuli they often create their jewelry in spasms of artistic angst, striving to capture the feeling of the moment. Art is a survival mechanism for Terry and Xinxin. Both are fashion addicts and easily bored with the status quo. Sequential collections may retain previous motives or may be radically changed or reinvented to reflect the moment’s mood. The fact someone would actually buy their art is often surprising to the artists but is also a source of inspiration that drives their creativity. Ten years ago Terry left his business career of 25 years to pursue his love of jewelry and fashion. In the ensuing years Terry was successful in opening and building retail operations in the extremely competitive Japanese department store system. In 2009 he met Xin Gabrielle and she joined the company as a design associate. Xin Gabrielle rose quickly through the ranks to become the Designer for the brand and is now co-owner and partner with Terry as they look toward international expansion.

Terry and Xin.

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