Bridging the gap between fine jewelry and costume jewelry, each of our pieces are designed to make a bold fashion statement about the wearer. Fastidiously fashionable designers Xinxin and Terry create wearable “fashion art” that they would be proud to wear themselves.

Each creation is carefully constructed by the designers and their team of artisans in a studio atmosphere. Each piece must be both fashionable and stand on its own as art. It must also have intrinsic value derived from the materials used as well as design. We have found that many of our customers will not only wear our creations but will also display them as artistic pieces in their homes and offices.

We use only the finest materials available in our bespoke designs. Chosen for their color, clarity and size, the stones we use are natural semi-precious Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine, Turquoise, Garnet and other rare and beautiful minerals from our mother earth. In keeping with our concept of bridging the gap between fine jewelry and costume jewelry the designers have chosen to use bronze, silver and gold as the mediums for their “fashion art” but are always concious of the price of a finished piece. Our designs should be priced in the same range as a pair of designer shoes or a designer bag and coordinate well with the designer clothing it is intended to be worn wi


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